June 2018
What is Self-Storage and How Does it Work-Kingmount Capital
Self-service storage, typically called self-storage, is a growing industry in the Greater Toronto Area. From an investment standpoint, self-storage facilities offer higher yields and they cost less to run than other commercial projects, for example, condominiums, due to a larger number of units that can fit into the same amount of space. Self-storage units are...
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What the PCs Win Could Mean for Toronto's Housing Market-Kingmount Capital
Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives won the election with 73 majority votes on June 7, 2018. With Doug Ford as Ontario’s new premier, there could be key changes in Toronto’s housing market.   Recently, the PC leader addressed abolishing the 15 per cent non-resident buyer tax on real estate, officially called the Non-Resident Speculation Tax,...
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